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Insurance Planning

  • Evaluate all of your current insurance policies from a cost and coverage perspective
  • Discuss the benefits and pitfalls of forming a Captive Insurance company
  • Tailor the most effective type of Life Insurance coverage for your specific situation
  • Analyze the pros and cons of premium financing through a third-party lender


Estate, Gift and Trust Planning

  • Work closely with attorneys to develop estate plans
  • Eliminate the tax bite on clients and their heirs
  • Lower taxes and preserve a family’s wealth
  • Estimate estate taxes under current estate plans and devise alternatives with quantifiable tax savings
  • Identify potential liquidity problems at death caused by estate taxes and generation skipping transfer taxes


Preserving and Transferring Wealth

  • Craft tax effective gift programs using family limited partnerships, charitable trusts, generation skipping trusts, and other mechanisms
  • Devise intra family loans with minimum borrowing rate features
  • Analyze and update your estate plan to capitalize on tax advantages and assure that your beneficiaries not the government, retain the largest possible share of assets
  • Provide for sufficient liquidity for heirs to pay estate taxes 

Professional Athlete Management

  • Create Wealth Accumulation
  • Insure Wealth Preservation
  • Structure Asset Protection
  • Implement Tax Efficient Strategies

Executive Fringe Benefits

  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Split Dollar Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Non Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits

Company Health Care Benefits

  • Maintain a full service health care platform which includes: all administrative duties, employee enrollment and custom workshops on health related topics at your company site
  • Offer full health, dental, and voluntary short-term disability insurance, through multiple carriers