‘The Archer Financial Group’s approach is clear, straightforward and time sensitive. It’s a great feeling to know I have Tom and his group looking after my family’s well-being.’

John FrancoMajor League Pitcher, New York Mets

‘I couldn’t have been more pleased and amazed with the service provided by Tom Archer. What a fantastic and refreshing approach towards planning for the future. I would highly recommend Tom Archer to anyone seeking advice on life insurance and estate planning.’

Ray NegronNew York Yankees, Special Advisor

‘Tom is professional, sincere, and has helped us grow our business. We were a fledgling company in 1988, but Tom understood that, and insured us for what we could buy. As our needs have grown, so has Tom’s participation. All partners have personal insurance with him as well – well in excess of $100 million.’

Randy GreenbergOwner, Crystal Art Gallery

‘Tommy Archer thinks big. He is one of the most intelligent and talented insurance professionals that I have ever dealt with. The products and services he offers has led to a tremendous tax savings for my business and my family. I now feel protected and I highly recommend him.’

Stewart RahrOwner, Kinray Inc.

‘I have found The Archer Financial Group to be extremely proactive with regard to my insurance planning. They simply get things done.’

Tim TeufelThird Base Coach, Major League Infielder, New York Mets

‘It’s nice to have your expectations not only met but exceeded! Tom Archer provided me with professional, friendly & effective service. With Tom, you get a high caliber professional who takes care of his clients.’

Barry LyonsCatcher, New York Mets

‘The service I receive from The Archer Financial Group is among the best I have experienced both in quality, promptness and attitude. This is definitely a client centered company and I am glad to be associated with them.’

Allan ArkerPrincipal, The Arker Companies

‘With all of the financial and life products available, from so many different companies and agents; Tom Archer is able to recommend, analyze and evaluate the differences and find the most suitable program for helping to achieve our goals. The Archer Financial Group makes the whole process run smoothly, and efficiently without any complications. It has been a pleasure working with The Archer Financial Group and I happily recommend family and friends to Tom Archer, for the quality of service and financial guidance that he has given me.’

Albert KalimianReal Estate Investor

‘I found Tom Archer to be extremely knowledgable with regard to my family’s life insurance and estate planning. I trust Tom implicitly and hold him in very high esteem’

Ed BlankmeyerHead Baseball Coach St. Johns University

‘The Archer Financial Group coordinated the efforts of my other advisors in a way that made everyone’s participation easier and more effective. The decisions I had avoided for so long were suddenly not difficult at all.’

Hymie GoldenOwner, Snapple Iced Tea

‘I found the professionals at The Archer Financial Group to be uniquely qualified. The knowledge, perspective and practical experience which they brought to the planning process proved to be indispensable.’

Frank CatalanottoMajor League Baseball Player

‘The Archer Financial Group’s creative estate and business planning techniques will assist with tax savings for my family.’

Jack SchachterOwner, Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

‘The Archer Financial Group helped avert a potentially difficult business situation which would have proven uncomfortable for all of the interested parties. They helped to create harmony by identifying and resolving the needs of each partner and the members of his family. We can now proceed into the future with a unified plan.’

Paul GenoveseOwner, Genovese Drug Store Chains

‘Tom’s business knowledge as well as his baseball knowledge is second to none. He understands how people and players think.’

Scott CoolbaughHitting Coach, Baltimore Orioles

‘I am blown away by the work product that The Archer Financial Group produces. They are simply top shelf.’

Jeffrey InnisMajor League Pitcher, New York Mets

‘The Archer Financial Group is by far the leading insurance and estate planning firm in the country. I would not put my trust in any other firm but them.’

Allen WatsonMajor League Pitcher, New York Yankees

‘Most people are either book smart or street smart, Tom possesses both of these traits which is why he is the top insurance advisor in the country.’

Terry BrossMajor League Pitcher, New York Mets

‘I have known Tom since I recruited him out of high school. He was a tremendous player and super intense. I knew he would go on to be the best at whatever he did.’

Bob HirschfieldLegendary NYIT Baseball Coach and Owner of N.Y. Baseball Academy